Weigh In Questions

Most of the time yes. We typically offer early weigh ins the day before. However some venues do not allow us to have competitor on site until the day before. If we have not announced early weigh ins, please use the contact page for more information.
15 minutes before your division is set to begin.



You can use any BJJ (or Judo) GI as long as it is clean, in good shape (no holes or rips), and does not provide an unfair advantage.
You are only allowed to wear a grappling cup. Other cups/groin protectors are not designed for grappling, and have resulted in multiple injuries.
Anyone not wearing foot wear in a bathroom is immediately disqualified (unless changing in a designated changing room/area). Foot wear is to be worn at all times when off the mat. We do understand that after a match a competitor may step of the mat area without foot wear on. You will be instructed to put foot wear on, but will not be penalized or disqualified for a minor violation.
Yes, as long as it contains no metal clasp or rods, and is in good repair. We will not stop a match for a competitor to adjust headgear. If it is deemed to be interfering or altering the outcome of a contest (snagging, being used to apply pressure) you will be asked to remove it. Failure to comply will result in a DQ.


Rules and Scoring

We follow standard IBJJF rules for scoring.
We follow standard IBJJF rules for all GI matches. We may alter the rules for very young children, but we will never disqualify a child for an accidental violation, and we will make it very clear with parents, coaches, and competitors what is and is not allowed.
Yes. Safety of a competitor is our top priority. We may also stop a match if during the course of a scramble the competitors accidentally wind up in an illegal position for their skill/belt level. This is particularly true for children who may wind up in a reaping position.
We do not allow heel hooks or can openers (neck cranks from closed guard). We do not allow reaping the knee or slams. 99% of all takedowns ARE NOT SLAMS. You will not be DQ'd for a judo throw or power double. You may not slam an opponent to escape a triangle, armbar, or other submission.