Pound for pound we are the most well-organized bjj tournament circuit on the market today…in our opinion. Yes, we may be biased, but we are also right.

No other BJJ tournament in Houston consistently has the number of competitotrs we do.

No other Houston grappling tournament has the quality of referees we have.

No other martial arts tournament in Houston has the same quality of table workers we have.

No other BJJ tournament in Texas goes to the lengths we do to ensure participant safety as we do.

There is no set of guidlines on what should and should not be provided during a grappling tournament, or what the promoter is responsible for at a martial arts tournament. Thats why Grand Prix staff regularly sits down and evaluates not only our tournaments, but those of our competitors, and constantly makes improvements.

We believe you should be treated like the athleetes you are.

You should not be hearded into some small community center  gym, given no schedule, be provided with inadiquate facilities/changing rooms/bathrooms/warm up areas, and most importantly not have ANY on site medical services.

These are basic requirements for any organized athletics, yet so many other grappling tournaments fail to offer ANY of them.


Grand Prix Grapplings martial arts tournaments are ran in top flight facilities. We go to each one, and if we wouldn’t want to compete there, there is no reason for you to have to compete there.

We are one of the only martial arts tournaments to run events in a true arena in the houston area. We hear people talk about how the mundials and IBJJF tournaments are run in California. Our goal is for you to get a higher level of service at all of our texas martial arts tournaments. You shouldn’t have to fly 3000 miles to be treated properly at a martial arts tournament.

If you see something at one of our tournaments that you feel doesn’t meet your expectations, let us know. We will do everything in our power to fix it.

In short, unlike our competitors, we don’t want to take your money, we want to earn it.